Jef De Smedt pulls out to Margriet Hermans

ab4a34e30838ef139484a1a05170e5a6 - Jef De Smedt pulls out to Margriet Hermans

“Margriet Hermans assesses the kustrevues” headlined Day All last Tuesday. “Show with girlfriend Jacky Lafon gets the lowest score” will All continue. “It is a pity because Jacky himself is top”, responds Margriet Hermans. The singer recently went to the various revues at the Belgian coast off to them for the weekly Day All review. Remarkably, the show Cruise Nostalgia of Jacky Lafon gets the lowest score – 6.5 on 10 – and there was Jacky just not good. We had her on the line. At that moment washed Jacky the criticisms with a glass of white wine and delicious mussels. Jacky was the last few days by a lot of people contacted about the article in the Day All people that the comments of Margaret not understand. And also Jef De Smedt understand one and not another. “Not clean this commentary,the audience gives a standing ovation,I have so enjoyed,let the public speak #outrageous #jealousy #sold out #zaligenamiddag” writes the actor on Instagram. No reproach to the Day All by the way, however, to Margriet Hermans. “The weekly has just written what was said,so they are not to blame”, is clearly not. “The score determines must nevertheless even open his eyes… and besides, it is unfair that there are only a few people are allowed to decide..! As you say they would be even better once the audience must speak!”, responding to one of the followers of the actor. The hashtags #outrageous #jealousy #sold out #zaligenamiddag speak volumes. The first two relate to the comments of Margaret, the other two on the show of Jacky Lafon.

In the Kusttheater ‘t Colisée make them all different years shows with Jacky Lafon, and the audience comes for her. Would normally Jacky this summer not to take part, but ultimately, the organizers were able to her to convince her summer to sacrifice. Jacky understands the reaction of Margriet Hermans. “A whole summer long we are playing for sold out venues, and that even in the afternoon. Each performance ends with a standing ovation, everyone is very enthusiastic about the shows. Also, Laura Lynn, David Vandyck, and Koen Crucke are the stars in this revue and have worked very hard on the show. The comments of Margaret comes to but we will draw us on to our audience because what they find is what is most important.”
In ‘t Colisée they are very happy with the show this year. With Laura Lynn, Koen Crucke, David Vandyck, and Jacky Lafon organisers have four riders on the stage. There, they are all several years a revue, and they notice that the popularity of the revue with Jacky Lafon is only increasing. Every show is sold out, and that in times that other organizers often tickets to give away to the room full of to get. Every year, more and more people to the namiddagshows look, than can a show still not bad? Jacky shares that opinion. “I want to thank everyone for so much support, respect and understanding. The people who run the show have seen it, cannot understand that Margaret done this, but indeed, they dare everything,” let Jacky us know yet.

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