Iraq bombing IS centre in Syria

0a39011f8d309c8d39f7aab592a1d450 - Iraq bombing IS centre in Syria

BAGHDAD – Iraq has an air attack carried out on a command center of Islamic State in neighboring Syria. This is an unknown number of members of the terrorist group to life. They wanted to commit an attack across the border. That has a Iraqi legerwoordvoerder Thursday said.

Archive photo. An Iraqi soldier in western Iraq near the border of Syria where fighting against IS.

F-16 fighter jets bombed a building where militants were gathered. Ever occupy the jihadists a third of the Iraqi territory, but they are nearly all driven out or turned off. Only in the border region with Syria to ensure cells remain for danger.

“According to the intelligence service prepared the terrorists that are killed criminal operations with bomgordels. It was their intention in the coming days innocent people in Iraq to attack,” said the military spokesman.

The Iraqi air force takes on IS targets under fire in Syria, with the permission of president Bashar al-Assad and the US-led coalition, the islamic extremists in the world.

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