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IndyCar supports the participation of McLaren in 2019

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McLaren continues to work on a participation in the IndyCar championship in 2019. Mark Miles, CEO of IndyCar, confirms that they want to join up with Fernando Alonso behind the wheel of a McLaren.

Tuesday announced Fernando Alonso and McLaren that the Spaniard next year not at the start of the F1 season will be in 2019. There was, however, not a word is said about the fact that the contract between McLaren and Alonso ends at the end of the year, in fact, he left the door ajar for a return.

It is by now well-known that Alonso in his quest for the “Triple Crown” just yet, but the Indy 500 should win and therefore it seems most likely that the Spaniard next year in the IndyCar start will go. He will probably also do so behind the wheel of a McLaren if we IndyCar boss Mark Miles may believe.

The is abuzz with all the rumors since the participation of Alonso at the Indy 500 in 2017 that McLaren’s far-reaching interest in IndyCar. The renstal from Woking has never confirmed or denied but according to ‘Motorsport’, they wanted to participate with two cars and would Scott Dixon, one of the riders, but the Kiwi has his fate, meanwhile, continue to Chip Ganassi connected.

Mark Miles confirmed after the announcement of Alonso to ‘Motorsport’ that talks about a possible participation of McLaren to the IndyCar is still in progress.

“Today’s announcement has the enthusiasm of the fans regarding a participation of Alonso at the IndyCar in 2019 even bigger,” says Miles. “McLaren is currently at work to all the preparations and we are supporting them also. I expect before the end of this year, not a solution.”

The Carlin team, which this year for the first time participate in the IndyCar, has already let know that McLaren is actually too late with registration for a participation in 2019. If that still wrecks the day can McLaren, however, still collaborate with an existing team, such as it is in 2017 already did with Andretti for their participation in the Indy 500.

Anyway, the chance is small that Alonso next year unemployed. NASCAR responded on Twitter on the departure of the Spaniard with an invitation to next year to take part in the Daytona 500.

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