Hamburg sells vluchtelingenhuisjes on eBay

f97cf5d0e19c88b34502c07c2e02ef28 - Hamburg sells vluchtelingenhuisjes on eBay

HAMBURG – The German city of Hamburg does dozens of former vluchtelingenwoningen via auction site eBay of the hand. They have a surface of 28 square meters and are, according to the ad very suitable as a gym, guest room, workshop or hobby space to be used.

Not expensive, but you should have her come and get it.

Potential buyers can already from 1000 euro offer on one of the approximately fifty cottages, which is new around 23,000 euro per piece costs. “There is interest from Germany”, states a spokesperson of the service, which goes over the housing of refugees.

Buyers have the houses, moreover, have to take. The transport for own account and can cost thousands of dollars. The municipality has the approximately three-year-old accommodation is no longer needed, message, newspaper Focus. The former residents are now other places to be found or have their own houses.

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