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Geppetto and the Whales with actually two sanseveria’s!

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In the category of ‘returned’: Geppetto and the Whales.

The Antwerp-based americana band was in 2012 nominated for a ‘Breakthrough’-MIA, but that the Club only moderate flooding indicates that the breakthrough is not fully followed.

The band worked for four years in silence on a successor for Heads of Woe. Before they moved even a month to Wisconsin – no better place to get your americana-stripes to earn than in, um, America.

They came back with new songs such as ‘I know who you were’ and ‘Rites of passage’, in which they clearly take courage from the recent Rock Rally-profit from The Calico’s: their music is the good melancholy craving a sunset. Only it was afternoon at Pukkelpop, and did the traditional decoration of the stage (two bedside lamps and a sanseveria) previously at a local cultural centre thinking.

Lost in their own maze

Songs like ‘Nunki’ were so packed with sounds and instruments – some times there were five guitarists at the same time, the bargaining – that they lost were in their own maze. The blended vocals of the three singers sounded quite melodic, but made great texts as that of ‘1814’ then again unintelligible. Halfway through the concert we had that there actually was a second sanseveria on the podium. That says very little good about the tension that Geppetto and the Whales knew.

Geppetto and the Whales **, seen at Pukkelpop on August 16, 2018.

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