“Ex Johnny Depp did her gevoeg in bed after a quarrel”

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard can obviously not through the same door. So popped it in The Mirror a new, bizarre episode on the gescheidde torque. The British tabloid claims that Heard her gevoeg did in bed after a heated discussion.

The argument, which goes back to 2016, it was important that Depp is a few hours late and came home to join the 30th anniversary of Heard to celebrate. Although the first time a joke went, it appeared a day later the cleaning lady according to the newspaper, however, sound a shit to have found it in bed. An anonymous source says that the actor claims that there are “strong photographic evidence that Amber connects to the excrement”. Meanwhile, responding to the spokesman of Heard on the whole affair. Who says that the fact that there was a shit, but, however, of the dog Boo. “Boo has severe intestinal problems. There was never any question of a joke, it is not done to be disrespectful. It comes to something as innocuous, it is what pets do. We have nothing else to say. Mrs. Heard and would not want to with this nonsense, engaging.” Heard and Depp got in February 2015 tied the knot. In may 2016, asked Heard the divorce papers because of abuse.

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