Ex-CIA director: ‘Trump is trying opponents silenced’

8092297cff9c1ca12d72f3f50cf18be4 - Ex-CIA director: ‘Trump is trying opponents silenced’

By security clearances to withdraw, attempting to be the president anyone who would dare to challenge silenced. Writes that John Brennan, the former CIA chief that Wednesday itself permission revoked saw in the New York Times. He calls Trumps denial of Russian interference in the American elections ‘bullshit’.

“Mr. Trump is clearly desperate to become yourself and your loved ones to protect. Therefore, he has a politically motivated decision was taken to my security clearance to be revoked, in an attempt to others who would dare to him to challenge, deny them a voice’, writes John Brennan, CIA director under former president Barack Obama, in an op-ed for the New York Times.

Trump drew Wednesday, the security clearance of Brennan in because according to him ” unfounded and excessive accusations had been raised to Trumps address, about the Russian interference in the American elections. The president also said to watch or other former toplui of the intelligence services – that also are critical for Trump – the same treatment should be given.

“Now more than ever it is extremely important that the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, and his team of researchers, get the chance to get their work done without interference of Trump or anyone else – so that all Americans get the answers they so desperately deserve’, referred Brennan to the independent inquiry into the elections of 2016.

President Trump has the interference of Russia in his election victory is always denied, and he mentions the research of Mueller ‘a witch hunt’. Brennan calls the denial of Trump ‘bullshit’. ‘The only question that remains is whether that interference is a form of criminal conspiracy, or obstruction of the judicial process took place to form of collusion or conspiracy to hide it, and how many members of ‘Trump Incorporated’ the government have been ripped off by the money into their own pockets to cross, ” says the former CIA chief.

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