’Even more than 10 people under rubble Genoa

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GENOA – The are about to get fulfilled in the Italian Genoa has officially 38 people killed, but that death toll threatens to be large. There are still ten to twenty people missing.

That makes Francesco Cozzi, the chief prosecutor of Genoa, are known. On the rampplek pick up faucets and bergers still debris away, while a rescue team is searching for the victims.

“We’re going to still continue for the next 48 hours, in the hope yet to find someone,” says Peter Cosola, a director in the bergingsoperatie oversees.


Meanwhile, point the Italian government had his sights on the commercial operator of the highway, Highway. “We look at different options: full compensation, only the portion of the A10, or a punishment, but a fine of 150 million euros would be too low,” said state secretary of Transportation Edoardo Rixi.

The state’s thinking about it to the commercial players offside, and even the management of all the roads takes over. “It is impossible that people ultimately pay the price by dying”, says deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio. “Those who do the maintenance they should do, have failed. The bridge had to be closed.”

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