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EUROPE LEAGUE. Zenit gets 4-0 defeat still on

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Zenit Saint-Petersburg in the penultimate qualifying round of the Europa League, an unlikely comeback, though. The Russians brought in their own home, a 4-0 defeat from the first leg against Dinamo Minsk.

Penalty comeback of Zenit

FC Zenit


8 – 1

Heenwedstrijd 0-4

Dinamo Minsk

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Zenit Saint-Petersburg stood for an almost impossible task against Dinamo Minsk after the in Russia, the first leg 4-0 and had lost. But in the old dilapidated Petrovsky Stadium Malaya (not the stadium where the Red Devils of France lost), the Russians for an unlikely comeback. Thanks in part to two goals from Artem Dzyuba (Russian striker, who you likely know from the world cup) was there after 90 minutes of a 4-0 on the scoreboard. And that, despite a red card for Leandro Paredes in the 72nd minute at 2-0. In the extensions, was threatened with the penalty catching up is still wrong to walk away when Seidu Yahaya in the 99th minute of the 4-1 scored, but in the second extension went a unleashed Zenit all the way loose and made it four goals. Robert Mak was there even two in the 123e minute.

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