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Dua Lipa: Picks up just not all the way

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Is Dua Lipa ready for Pukkelpop? Better than two years ago, but still less than in Tomorrowland.
Only a few weeks ago picked up Dua Lipa neat Tomorrowland. We were wondering if Pukkelpop is equally easy to succumb to the charms of the British-Kosovo. Two years ago she fell here is still some light out, but when she had not enough material for a solid set.

Not only is that meanwhile different, in that set are also a piece or five valves of hits. And the meadow was full of tienermeiden specially for her had come, as well as some geilaard with a sign that says ‘Dua kiss my Lippa’.

Lipa is also a likable appearance, which us right on the heart that we should dance and sing for the action to succeed. Behind her stood a band of old pros to ensure that this was not necessary. And two soulful singers that usually the song line of Lipa dubbelden. As jam sings not, though.know they the maximum out of her nice deep timbre to them: they pruilde for example, at the top level.

A lot of small gestures

But the meadow exploded yet, not when ‘I could be the one’, even though it popped up Lipa the public for little hands and selfies. A lot of small gestures – Lipa occurring in slow motion the hair out of the eyes and rubs, or a heupzwaai does on the size of a drumroffel – will be lost if they are not on the video screen to be magnified. Or even if they are large to be projected.

When ‘Hotter than hell’ was the gate of the dam. That is an excellent meebrulhit. The banal ballad ‘Scared to be lonely’ would not be my choice, and the choreography with a dancer and her hugged, picked up not in daylight, how beautiful the large video screen also sunset-pink colored.

‘IDGAF’ was, of course, price. Lipa, as the stage was over, as if they were us to encores would yell out, and turned back to a sea of middle fingers and hold them. For the layman: she had asked for it, so that was a triumph. Nice concert, but just a bit too small for this stage at this festival at this hour of the day.

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