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Dirty Projectors: Not fascinating enough

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Dirty Projectors are back with a Lamp Lit Prose, a summery album full of dance music and kekke hear trumpets. But live the band could the attention will not hold.

It is a band for lovers, Dirty Projectors, the band of David Longstreth believe in weird changes, summery keyboards and beautiful female vocals. The list of former or interimbandleden is long and includes, inter alia, the half-Vampire Weekend – related souls and countless suppliers of those engelenstemmen. Including since a few years also Amber Coffman, the guitarist who has some of the most memorable songs the band wrote.

Whimsical knutselliedjes

That could be heard on Dirty Projectors, the previous album of the band, which Longstreth is not so much the break with Coffman processed as solid natrapte: a difficult album to listen to. The new, Lamp-Lit Prose, is still a few weeks off and returns to the whimsical knutselliedjes that we of them simply are.

In the Club prevented that quirkiness that the general public, the lesson remained. Every time the dancing was the dansritme silent. For each ‘What’s the time’, a delicious sensual gypsy moth to Prince ogled, there was a ‘Break through’, that a straight-forward huppelliedje would be, as Dirty Projectors, there isn’t anything strange stops by had thrown up and some distortion at the end.

A come and go public

Because of their adventurous look and a collaboration with David Byrne, Dirty Projectors, with Talking Heads compared, but of the mighty groove of that band Dirty Projectors, not dreams. The drums, who was also much too loud, stood, took the action at times boring.

The singing of Felicia Diuglass, Maia Friedman, and Kristin Slipp was often the most beautiful on the set. All we thought halfway also: Regine Chassagne of Arcade Fire, who does that on her own. In the meantime came and went public. Maybe Dirty Projectors, a little less to tinker with smart jokes, and what’s more, a solid foundation for their songs.

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