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Diablo BLVD: “This is our last festivalshow ever’

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‘They will be met with fire and fury, like the world has never seen.’ Also a way to get your audience to greet, of course: Diablo BLVD hunted advance an indent of Trump by the speakers.

It turned out to be a mission statement for the band around Alex Agnew. That months the Castello constant to ‘security work’, ‘floor test’ and, more generally, ‘to fuck this place up”. The audience obeyed meekly, and threw the bodies a lot in the fight.

That led to the attention also useful: Agnew is blessed with a foghorn of a voice, but it seemed to ‘Beyond the veil’ and ‘Demonize’ is pretty difficult to have. A contrast with the passage at Graspop this summer, but maybe the busy schedule for something in between: the last ten days played Diablo BLVD and also on Alcatraz, the Lokerse Feesten and Wacken.

Only with ‘Rise like lions’ and ‘The song is over’ seemed to be the strap. Almost symbolically, because after Graspop announced Agnew that Diablo the guitars at the gallows-place. Been a band less, he realized, while he was still a flower he threw to the colleagues of Fleddy Melculy, ” the only guitars that ge fucking hell going to hear at this festival.’

“This is our last festivalshow ever”, decided to Agnew. ‘Ge is going to be missed.’ The circle pits were only wilder.

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