Danish politician gets out to Fox News

The Danish politician Than Jørgensen responds to some of the allegations of the American station Fox News at the address of his country. He does that in a video on Facebook.

In the video, to see how Fox-presenter Trish Regan the social safety net of Denmark criticises the country with Venezuela to compare. ‘There is something rotten in Denmark, ” she says. ‘Denmark has, like Venezuela, are people of their chances of being robbed.’

But that is outside the instead Than Jørgensen counted, who takes that comparison does not apply. “We have a welfare state in our country. This means that in our society people opportunities. It deprives people have no opportunities in their lives.”

When Regan claims that no one in Denmark wants to work and no one wants to graduate because they paid to get an education, gets Jørgensen significantly to the United States: ‘In terms of employment scores Denmark eleven places higher than the USA. The difference of course is that in Denmark people a decent wage, ” he says.

“That our education is free, is not bad. That means that it is not the size of your parents ‘ bank account determines whether or not you are following a degree programme. It is your hard work, talent and motivation that determines that. On the list of the most educated populations, we stand at number six. Quite a bit better than the US. Sorry.’

“So, Trish, virtually everything you said is not true, or as your beloved president would say: “You’re fake news.” ’

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