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Coely: style icon in the making

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‘Only good vibes in the air tonight’ by Coely. The 24-year-old rapper/singer took the Dance Hall her personal triumphal arch.

Coely Mbueno up more and more as a style icon to throw to the classy, oversized blazer which she will perform, will also be Oscar & The Wolf and Bazart envy looked. But with each performance, she seems like the other aspects of her show more to refine it: what rapte they sharp, what sang they lived, and what played them to the audience flawlessly.

Open did Coely with ‘Different waters’, a euphoric, gospel-rap which is a little reminiscent of Beyoncés ‘Freedom’ – no reference to frivolous to jump. After that is was the variation strength: the sunny hip-hop of ‘My Tomorrow’, the crashing drum-n-bass of ‘Can’t get away’ and the G-funk à la flamande ‘Regulator’ shook them with equal ease from her sleeve.

That Coely succeeds in that Spotify playlist of different vibes and genres, it is also because it invests in its sound. For her not a cheap show with just a DJ in her back: Mbueno takes two guitarists, a drummer and two gastvocalisten on a trip. Yann Gaudeuille appears to be the ideal sparring partner for Coely’s vocals, rapper Dvtch Norris here seems even harder than during his own shows: on his own ‘Toothpick’, he jumped so hard that even his own pants on, collapsed.

Coely proved that they rightly headliner was on a Pukkelpop-opening day with seven other Belgian artists: they delivered the best show of our own soil that we this summer already saw, with a jubelend ‘Celebrate’ as exclamation mark. Coely’s career experienced a very long run, but seems to be falling forever on the rails. And either so what to celebrate.

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