Cardi B makes comeback at the MTV Video Music Awards after childbirth

The American rapper Cardi B comes Monday the opening act care at the MTV Video Music Awards. It is her first live performance since the hiphop star last month, a daughter was. That has MTV announced yesterday on social media.

It would be a busy Monday for Cardi B., The rapper is himself one of the greatest contenders to be on the Video Music Awards (VMA) in the prices to fall. She was nominated in ten different categories – including best video, best song and best artist. Also to Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Childish Gambino, and Drake knew received multiple nominations in the prizes.

Cari B makes with her opening act at the VMA a comeback after more than a month absence. She had previously still next to Bruno Mars on tour should appear, but pulled it back after the birth of her daughter Kulture on July 10. “I had underestimated”, she was about early motherhood and lost. By an announcement from MTV on Instagram to share made the hipsopster last night again put an end to her maternity leave. ‘See you there!’, thus, Cardi B.

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