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Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto?

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An Initiative is planning to find Satoshi Nakamoto. A bounty in the amount of 70,000 US dollars and is exposed to the Bitcoin founder. However, the identity of Nakamoto is really important?

A comment by Dr. Philipp Giese

… as Satoshi intended.“, “The Vision of the Bitcoin inventor …“, “What would Nakamoto to say?” – These and other questions to the spirits, sometimes by the Community. In real disputes, such as Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash, the last question takes on almost religious dimensions, is only of absurd Statements of the Form “Satoshi Nakamoto an artificial intelligence” or “Satoshi Nakamoto is exceeded, a time-traveling Person”.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are fears of an NSA affiliation of Satoshi that he has built for himself a Backdoor into the Protocol or as one of the biggest whales to the Bitcoin price in the Hand.

Of these two Extreme views, it is quite understandable that you “would like to find the real Nakamoto”. The scientist in me see the pursuit of new knowledge as worthy of praise.

We need Satoshi Nakamoto?

What I however question is: let’s Say that we have clarified the identity of Nakamoto. What’s the use of this Information? It is so important to know what the Bitcoin-Forks, Satoshi would have preferred? “Remember that he is a man” – to say it with the classic Memento of the Roman triumphal processions.

Remember, above all, what the technology behind Bitcoin is that it is Open Source and is now developed for years by other people. Significantly more important than the opinion of the original developer products, as is the case with other Open-Source also how well they work, and how strongly you can hear on the single.

Who’s afraid of the inventor of Bitcoin?

The same can be said about the Fears that there is any NSA Connections, or the like. Also here, the Protocol behind Bitcoin is Open Source. Even more: The decentralized Protocol of a Blockchain is in the runtime testable. Of Open Source the Open Execution.

We are all, with different Levels of trust lessness, the Bitcoin Ecosystem a critical eye. The highest Level it would reach by a Full Node, but we can also keep track of the Blockchain on different Explorers. Similarly, we can keep in mind what you should do in the social networks or on github regarding inconsistencies in the Bitcoin consensus.

Finally, in relation to the Satoshi possessed million: Sure, he could throw on an Exchange and the Bitcoin rate force sustained in the knee. The selling Bitcoin, however, as little way as the Vision, we are working on with respect to Bitcoin adoption: That Bitcoin will not be used simply as an object of speculation, just as a digital Asset, but worldwide as money. If this goal is ever reached, it will be a single BTC is also in spite of the previous sell-off very much worth it.

What is now Satohis opinion to Bitcoin, Bitcoin to Cash, Bitcoin, Gold or which is the Fork? Whether Satoshi in fact an NSA Agent, or a Backdoor installed in the System? Clearly, such rumors can be of interest to everyone, however, it would be a strange Form of pseudo-religiosity, if this opinion would have a special “infallible” weight. Slogans such as “Be your own bank” or “do your own research” also mean that you should not follow uncritically the opinions of people in authority. Sapere Aude! Dare to be wise! Or, to put it in the language of the Cypher punks: Don’t trust, verify!

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