Awareness celebrations in the summer Garden of Bret

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Amidst the drab offices at Amsterdam Sloterdijk station, you will find a lush piece of greenery: The Garden of Bret. In this inner city sanctuary you can in the summer be very fine drinking and dancing, while the minimal impact on your ecological footprint.

The Garden of Bret is an inspiring place where local entrepreneurs have joined forces to make a joint dream come true. The group, which everyone has a different background, created a private place that has a minimal impact on the environment, but at the same time, however, that the maximum possible boost to the nearby area. Here you will not find soulless commercialism, but passion for, sustainability and circular innovation.

Music in the garden

Music and wine lovers in the month of August to enjoy the garden. During The summer Garden of Bret coming artists and there is a real wine festival. Last weekend, visitors were able to look at performances of, among others, Eefje de Visser, Cover, Soundsystem, Nuno dos Santos and Palm trees. And this coming weekend is the feast! On Saturday August 11 you can from your roof to go on, among other Gallowstreet and The Mauskovic Dance Band. And Sunday August 12 is also the turn of Tom Trago, Young Marco.

Ode to Dutch wine

If you would like for the wine festival? Then you have Friday, August 17, a visit to the garden! On site you will find the circular Stadswijngaard of Bret. Real Dutch grapes are made into wine (in the fall, the harvest), but first form the full of vineyards have the backdrop of the Cheerios and Toast wine festival. During the event several Dutch growers are present. Except tasting you can also gain knowledge of Dutch wine. Continue the party accompanied by all sorts of delicious local food and lively music.

Wasting counteract

But how can the organisers now that the parties have the least possible environmental contaminate? They do this by conscious action to take, and visitors to boost their impact to a minimum. Find them (and rightly so!) that the year 2018 is not can do more to (transport)energy and (catering)waste. Visitors therefore know all kinds of actions that create positive change:

– The line-up is almost entirely English, so there are no air travel for artists need.
– The stage and the bar are made from fully recycled materials.
– The audio and lighting system is connected to local green power.
– There are no plastic coins in circulation, because you can anywhere just pins.
– You statiegeldbeker, you yourself need to rinse.
– The food and drink is local and organic entrepreneurs.
Plates and cutlery are recyclable material and should you are self-collecting.
– Through all the on-site green, there is no extra decoration is needed during the garden parties.

You also come once to this beautiful, inspiring outside location?

Garden of Bret
Kastrupstraat 11

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