Also The Class is coming back

b5fe427e574dddc06d8fd74398e9c8a5 - Also The Class is coming back

The start of the new school year is not complete without a new season of The class. Each episode gets a group zestienjarigen an unusual lesson from an unexpected teacher. Eight familiar faces going into this new season on their own, spontaneous way with the students in dialogue about topics that really matter: Karolien Debecker, Dina Tersago, Adil El Arbi, Wim Lybaert, Staff, and Mathias Coppens, Jani Kazaltzis, Goedele Liekens and Sven De Leijer share their life lessons with the teens.
Are young people waking up the global warming? What is the role of social media in their lives? How important are friends and family? How do they experience our diverse society? And what interpretation to give teens #metoo? A look at the lives of the new generation, with surprising opinions, sincere emotions, and unforeseen twists and turns.

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