Also problems with bridges of Italian engineer in Libya and Venezuela

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The General Rafael Urdanetabrug in Venezuela

The disaster with the collapsed bridge in Italy took more than forty people’s lives. And also the bridges that the engineer Morandi in Libya and Venezuela, built, show great defects.

The Italian engineer Riccardo Morandi (1902 – 1989) built during his career, three concrete tuibruggen according to the same techniques. They are in Italy, Venezuela and Libya.

The oldest of the three is in Venezuela. Morandi should build after, he in 1957, an international design competition won. The General Rafael Urdanetabrug, spanning the lake of Maracaibo, in the north of the country and with a length of 8,700 meters was one of the longest bridges of its kind in the world.

The choice fell on Morandi because it was thought that his design has many advantages: the concrete cable-stayed bridge would be cheaper in maintenance, and in addition, would the Venezuelan construction industry a lot can learn from the techniques used.

The bridge was completed in 1962, but less than two years later, collapsed a part of it all. It fell five dead. Admittedly, that happened after an oil-tanker against the two pillars was dangers, but engineers point out now that the faulty construction contributed to the high damage and high death toll. So would the construction in accordance with other engineers are not calculated on collisions or earthquakes.


On August 10, broke on the same General Rafael Urdanetabrug, incidentally, is still a big fire. A high voltage power line over the bridge, caught on fire, and then the area for days without power came to sit.

After social media photos emerged of the poor state of the bridge would have been, assured the governor of the state of Zulia, the bridge is ‘no structural defects’. According to him, was the fire deliberately lit.

Possible cracks

The other concrete cable-stayed bridge which Morandi built, is in Libya. The Wadi al Kuf bridge spans the Kufvallei in the north of the country and was completed in 1972. Also with this construction it is used Morandi same construction techniques, although this was only 477 meters long.

And also at this bridge, and dived all the big problems. Last year, the bridge was a period of time for all traffic closed after inspections for possible cracks in the concrete were discovered.

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