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“Alonso is as talented as Schumacher”

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According to former F1 pilot Felipe Massa is Fernando Alonso just as talented as Michael Schumacher. He believes, however, that the Spaniard more out of his career could pick up if he to his little sides had worked.

Mass was five years, the team-mate of Fernando Alonso at Ferrari, and in 2006, the Brazilian also privileged to be team-mate to Michael Schumacher, who is in his last year at the Scuderia was working.

“If we talk about pure talent, I must Michael and Fernando is on the same level places,” says Mass. “Alonso also has the gift to a race-to-understand and incredibly hard to drive. A tremendously intelligent rider with loads of talent, so I would Michael describe.”

With Schumacher had Mass a good band, the German was never afraid to put his young team-mate to help but with Alonso had the Brazilian a very different relationship.

“I have to admit that it was not easy for his team-mate. With Michael I had a close relationship. I was young and motivated to learn as much as possible of a seven times world champion and Schumacher treated me well. With Fernando, I had a very different relationship.”

“Outside the car, I had no problems with Fernando, we always have a healthy working relationship. However, that is a thing, from the moment that Fernando his visor close, he becomes a different man. He may discord to sow, that we in different teams.”

“I can see that as his weak side, without that he might more out of his talent,” decision Mass.

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