Agent makes sekstape office with own bodycam

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SUPERIOR – An American agent is fired because he himself has filmed with his politiebodycam while he has sex with a woman in the office. He turned out to be much more spicy material, and little effort to do that hidden from his boss.

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The video (see below), Anthony Doran, on top of him and an unknown woman, is not the only racy material. He was about 36 gigabytes of seksfoto’s. That he had all on his work computer stored in a folder with the title ’fun times’.

This is evident from U.s. court documents. The large amount of pornographic material came to light only when the agent was accused of mistreatment of a detainee, and of false arrest. When a research team out of his office searched, dig on the photos and videos.

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Doran tells against local American media that the video “has nothing to do with work,” and that the excesses outside working hours fell. Doran was wearing his politieuniform, as is seen on the video.

Who the woman is exactly, is not in the documents. However, it is mentioned that she is of age and no employee of the police’.

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