A truck driver stops just before the abyss: ‘Everything was shaking’

270da019d8a2b6f8bd1cbe30858bc695 - A truck driver stops just before the abyss: ‘Everything was shaking’

An Italian truck driver is in the nick of time escapes when the are about to get fulfilled in Genoa.

It is one of the many dramatic photos of the rampplek in Genoa: a blue truck, on the side of the green colours of the supermarket Basko, less than ten meters from the place where the road surface is aborted. The Corriere della Sera spoke with the 37-year-old driver, who wishes to remain anonymous and only as Luigi in the publicity wants.

“I was just overtaken by a car. I saw him coming in my mirror, he has me caught up and then for me to drive’, he says. It was raining at that time hard and he could not harder to drive. “When he made me to overtake, I speed decreased to a safer distance, because braking was with this rain is impossible, you saw a few.’


Then it goes wrong: ‘At a given moment, shaking everything. The car I front of me had disappeared, it seemed as if he was swallowed by the clouds. I looked and I saw the pillar of the bridge to come down. I have inhibited. I have not only inhibited, I’m on top of it, the wheels blocked almost. When I saw the emptiness before me, I ‘m instinctively put in reverse, as if to escape from this hell. I understood that everything had collapsed and that I had to get away. I’m out of the truck, jumped and escaped.’

He warned other motorists to the havoc. “I said that they way had to come. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I’m still alive.’ The driver has no physical injuries sustained, and if after examination in the hospital in the afternoon to go away again.

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