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Vienna – An 18-year-old Afghan seeking asylum wanted to ask in Austria because he was at home as gay is not accepted, a rejection. Reason: “The way you walk, behaves and dresses suggest there is no way that you are gay.”

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Vogens the Viennese weekly magazine Falter, writes the official: “According to the message, you can often fight with other roommates had. So, that means that there is a agressiepotentieel in you lies, what one of the homo’s would not expect.”

The Afghan is also said to prefer to be alone or in small groups, is also suspicious. “A lot of friends you have. I thought gays of company kept?”, he wrote.

In the rejection: “You’re not gay and therefore has nothing to fear on your return to Afghanistan.”

Austria stat known for its strict immigration policy. The country would prefer that the refugees asylum in their own country or their own region requests.

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