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World of wonders: The first project with the MILC-Token takes the form of

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The Munich-based TV channel world of wonders TV is working on the implementation of the Initial Coin Offerings. These you want to use in the first place for the German and international trade media licenses. As the company has announced that it will turn from next year one of the own crypto-currency-funded Film.

Last year, we reported on the plans of the TV channel world of wonders, a own crypto-currency. With the output of the MILC Token you want to bring a fresh Wind into the business, as well as in the whole of the media license to trade. In a press release, the ECHO is BTC, proclaimed to the world the wonders of TV now, the next step in his crypto strategy.

So world of wonder TV is now a feature film in order, which is financed with the help of one’s own crypto currency. The equivalent of around a million euros (approx. about 208,000 MILC-Token) to a creative team around the filmmaker Holger Frick. With this base budget to implement now based on an idea from world of wonder TV the development and production of Independent Movies. The plot of the film is still secret, but will be published after the completion of the screenplay phase, around the end of 2018. Spin start will be in the summer of 2019.

World-of-wonders-managing Director Hendrik Hey is thrilled

“It is the first German Film, if not one of the first in the world that is pushed with the aid of a crypto-currency and funded. We want to show that crypto-currencies must not only be pure Speculation, but also promote creativity and industries, a new momentum can give“,

so Hendrik Hey, world-of-wonders-TV-in-chief and founder of the MILC platform. Further, he explains:

“It’s great that creative media discover the value in our MILC-System and it as a budget equal to accept. So important development can be pushed steps with the help of this crypto-currency, without anyone has the feeling to work completely in vain!“

World of wonders: With the MILC-Token back to success

Even now, more MILC projects are in the planning stage. To find, among other things, two documentaries and a 26-part 3D-animated children’s series with potential partners in the conversation. MILC stands for Micro Licensing Coin, and to be recognized and accepted as a medium of exchange in the media industry.

More to the crypto plans of world of wonder TV, you’ll learn in our Video, as well as in the Interview with the founder and managing Director Hendrik Hey.

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