World-famous driver saved himself with clever maneuver of the bridge, Genoa

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GENOA – The most iconic, bone-chilling and evocative image of the are about to get fulfilled in Genoa is still the Basko-truck, which vlák for the abyss is stationary, even with the wipers on. Driver Cesare Giuzzi had an angel on his shoulders and saved them with a decisive action-run for your life. “I saw the void, and hell.”

Almost twenty-four hours after the disaster in Genoa, the torrential rain made way for the sun, the dust clouds increased and Cesare Giuzzi still alive. A miracle: his truck braked just before the precipice, remained on the last stretch of the highway and went viral on social media. Cesare speaks now for the first time.

The driver, 37-year-old worked until a year before his transport from Genoa. He drove for supermarkets Basko. “A miracle”, as he calls his adventure across the Italian media. “I slowed down because someone made me passed. Braking was impossible, because of the rain. You could take a little look”, he begins.

At one point he felt geschok. “The car in front of me disappeared, seemed to be swallowed up by the clouds. I looked up and saw the brugpyloon fall down. I slowed, and instinctively, I put the gear in reverse and when I saw the emptiness before me. It was as if I was trying to escape from that hell.”

Meters driving backwards

At that time, drove the van still meters backwards, writes the newspaper Corriera Della Sera. It is not clear whether later on the road where Cesare reed, still down is deposited. Some videos seem to suggest. “I felt that I needed to escape. I jumped from the truck, ran up to foot away. It was raining terribly. On the way I shouted at other drivers that they way had to run.”

If the emergency services arrive, the bus driver in shock. “I don’t know how it’s possible that I’m alive,” he told them. Doctors looked after him in the hospital. Around noon he was allowed back to his boss. It turned out to colleagues throughout the day in the rope to distressed phone calls to answer, because the picture of his truck was now viral gone.

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Of course, it is Cesare relieved, but real joy is not there, so writes the newspaper. The truck driver is unharmed but ” it is a huge tragedy for everyone. A great amount of pain.’

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