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Why it needs a Berlin Coin – An Interview with Simona Pop from the Bounties of the Network

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Simona Pop is one of the power women in the Blockchain Community, are firmly committed to the Narrative of the decentralized Economy and decentralized interaction. As one of the leading heads behind the Bounties Network, you can Shine with a practical Blockchain-Use-Case. With the Colorado Coin Simona has already contributed to a successful contribution to the Expansion of the Blockchain Community. With the Berlin Coin (also BRLN Coin) is now supposed to be suitable for ETHBerlin Hackathon is another Coin in the regional Community for a lively exchange on the Ethereum block Chain. What is the story behind the Bounties Network, why you chose Berlin and why musicians and writers on the Bounties of the Network should be, explained Simona in the Interview.

What is behind The Bounties Network?

The Bounties of the Network creates the building blocks of the new P2P economy. As one of the few Live-dApps in space, the Bounties of the Network supports Token the creation of any tasks in various industries, with rewards in the ETH or ERC20 -. We believe that this is a truly integrative way, the cooperation at the global level to remodel, by combining a global Pool to work with a global Pool of talent.

Why you started the Berlin Coin? A Token is not available with a regional focus in opposition to the crypto-Economy that actually knows no boundaries?

The BRLN Coin is a very good Exercise in order to promote Engagement in the community. The reason why we chose Berlin and the partnership with ETHBerlin (a Hackathon during the Berlin Blockchain-week), is the unique Ethos and the innovation power of the city. The and Collect BRLN Coins offer an exciting opportunity to gain experience with a Live-dApp. We want that the Coin will be extended at the end of other events, educational initiatives, community projects and more.

Can you give us concrete examples of what I can BRLN Coin in the ETHBerlin Hackathon next month?

It is a great selection of Bounties, some for Onboarding, another for the commitment of the participants, such as the submission of questions to the lectures or the cooperation with other ETHBerlinern, new dApp ideas to develop, etc., We are just doing the Bounties with the ETHBerlin Team to design.

The BRLN Coin is not the first of its kind. you had already created the Colorado Coin. It is now for each Event or Hackathon, a own Token?

In this Phase, we want to create advantages for Blockchain-based Communities by facilitating the interaction with dApps, and Token. I think we are learning that practical experience is a key factor for the adaptation. To answer the question in concrete terms: We are always looking, how much more value would bring a tailor-made Token – Bounty-the network of a specific Community. We don’t want to create just for its own sake.

So far, the Token is more for people who live in the developer and crypto Bubble. There are also ideas to make the Coin for other groups of society interesting?

The Bounties of the Network is for all backgrounds, levels of technical skills, languages and places. Part of our Collaboration-2.0 Ethos is to make technology for a variety of sectors accessible and usable. Designer, Translator, artist, writer, musician, people, who are committed to social and environmental concerns – the incentive mechanism as a Format for the organization and promotion of initiatives can have many applications. The BRLN Coin and the tailor-made will go this inclusivity and accessibility definitely reflect and developer premiums.

How do you see the crypto-location Berlin in comparison to the other major Blockchain-Start-up-locations Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv or Singapore? What is better, what is worse?

It is not a question of “better” or “worse”, it goes to different levels of understanding and action. All sites are evidence of the great work of their Communities. By the people and the communities that create them, is the decentralized future – and expanded. Berlin is more than any other city for change, Innovation, and daring – I would say the are pretty much the core attributes of a Blockchain-Hubs.

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