Very old cheese found in a tomb

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CAIRO – Scientists have believed to be the oldest cheese in the world found in an Egyptian tomb from the thirteenth century before Christ. The tomb of Ptahmes, thousands of years ago the mayor of Memphis, was already in 1885 excavated but disappeared by sandstorms again under the ground. The rediscovery was followed in 2010.

The archaeologists found a broken pot with a rock-hard, white substance and a piece of canvas. That was possibly used to provide the content to cover or to preserve. With modern techniques it is now shown that the jar is extremely old cheese contained. The study is published in the journal Analytical Chemistry.

By the chemical analysis of the proteins could be concluded that the cheese-maker both cow’s milk as milk from a sheep or goat is used. Because the fibers of the cloth more suitable for solid than for a liquid, the researchers believe that it is already to firm cheese.

Other peptides suggest, further, that the dairy was contaminated with Brucella melitensis, a bacterium which is the so-called Maltakoorts can cause. The pathogen also now victims among consumers of raw milk products.

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