These are the victims of the are about to get fulfilled in Genoa

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After the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa, slowly but surely the victims have a face. The rescue workers are working day and night for survivors, but the death toll continues to rise.

Hoping to have a survivor back to find ever smaller, the search and rescue team to see to his own words, ” no sign of life, just as the search and rescue dog. There were a dozen people alive from under the debris removed, more than 40 others survived the accident.

Among the fatalities are under more Roberto Robbiano, his wife Ersilia Piccinino and their seven-year-old son Samuel. The three were on the bridge when it broke down. Roberto was a computer technician who, in 2014, married Ersilia.

Another family from Milan also showed the life. Andrea Vittone (59), Claudia Possetti (48) and two children, Camilla (12), and Manual (16).

The vijfendertigjarige Luigi Matti Altadonna showed also the life during the disaster. In his hometown Borghettino immediately became an emotional statement issued: “The council is sharing in the pain of Giovanni, a model citizen and volunteer of the local civil protection, for the loss of his beloved nephew in the horrific tragedy of Genoa.’

The 34-year-old Elisa La Ely Bozzo reed, according to Italian media, with her black Opel Corsa on the bridge when the ground literally under her disappeared.

Also amateurvoetballer Andrea Cerulli is mentioned as one of the victims. His football club published a picture of him on Facebook with the words: ‘Our club is in thoughts with the family of Andrea, our friend, our colleague, the victim of the tragedy of Ponte Morandi. Goodbye, Andrea.’

The 64-year old chef Juan Carlos Pastenes is also under the now identified the deceased. He came from Chile, but lived for thirty years in Italy. His wife Nora Rivera also came to the tragedy.

The Sicilian Marta Danisi (29) worked recently as a nurse in the hospital in Alessandria. Her fiancé, Alberto Fanfani (32) and the anesthesiologist. They were both killed when the bridge collapsed.

Andrea Cerulli (47) died on the way to work in the port of Genoa. Marjus Djerri and Edy Borkina were also on the way to work. Their bodies were found under the wreckage.

Giovanni Battiloro (29), Matteo Bertonati (26), Gerardo Esposito (26) and Antonio Stanzione (29) were on the way to Nice and Barcelona when they are on the bridge reason. They survived the blow.

Gennaro Sarnataro (43) was on the way back from France when he was at the fateful moment on the bridge, reed.

Other victims are Carlo Erazzo Trujillio (27) and Stella Boccia (24), a couple from Tuscany, Luigi Matti Altadonna (35) Francesco Bello (41), Sandro Campora (53), Giorgio Donaggio, Henry Díaz (30).

Victims under the bridge

Also Mirko Vicini and his colleague Bruno Casagrande came to life. The two were on the island under the bridge to work for the company Amiu: ‘The damage is not to judge, but never to compare with the pain that the loss of our colleagues does to us’, let the company know.

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