The fuss is about statue in Fukushima

51793bc2f5636a50c8c284c9b865ce2e - The fuss is about statue in Fukushima

A statue of a child in protective gear gets criticism in Fukushima. The artist has excused.

The striking statue stands near the place where the nuclear disaster of 2011 took place. Thousands of people were displaced by the radioactivity, and yet many are still not able to go home.

The inhabitants of the city find that the image of the painful memories of the nuclear disaster will continue to call. In addition, it gives the impression that people cannot live without protective clothing. They want the picture away.

“I don’t think the Fukushima disaster of his tarnished reputation, can escape,” says resident Ikue Tsunoda. ‘So I understand what the sculptor wants to say. But the townspeople do not wear protective equipment. So I think of it as a provocation is intended.”

The artist Kenji Yanobe says that he wanted to make clear that the air is safe again. The kid has his helmet on, and a stralingsteller on his clothing is at zero. He finds it terrible that people take offence to the image. “For that I apologize.’ His image, Sun Child, his desire for a world free of nuclear proposals.

The city’s mayor, Hiroshi Kohata, the decision to have the image to post, defended. According to him, looks at the child’s hopeful to the future, and is the symbol of the sun for the need for green energy sources.

When the earthquake and tsunami in 2011 are about 18,000 people perished.

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