Terreurverdachte Westminster-crash identified

9885adf7b7dfcddd9da56fe2a0a56e3d - Terreurverdachte Westminster-crash identified

The suspected perpetrator of the attack for the British parliament, is a Brit of Sudanese descent. That report various British media on the basis of judicial sources.

The 29-year-old suspect, Salih Khater, came five years ago from Sudan to Great Britain. The antiterreurpolitie wants the name of the suspect not confirm.

The defendant would be known to the local police, but not in the antiterreurpolitie. According to Scotland Yard, he worked not after his arrest.

According to the newspaper The Telegraph was Khater store manager in Birmingham. One of his neighbors describes him as a man who ‘never spoke to anyone’. He also has a few months accounting degree from the Coventry University. But he is not registered, says a spokesperson of the university.

The police conducted Tuesday night a number of homes in Birmingham and Nottingham. According to the Daily Mail would be the culprit Monday night in London have driven around in the vicinity of tourist attractions. Tuesday morning around 7.30 am drove a car into the safety barriers around the British parliament. Several pedestrians were injured, two people had to go to the hospital.

The driver was arrested on suspicion of a terrorist act. The research showed that the car the evening before, from Birmingham to London has been driven. The motive of the perpetrator is not yet clear. In the car after the crash and no weapons have been found.

According to the Times examines the police or there is a connection between Khater, and Khalil Masood, the author of a similar attack in march last year in which five people were killed. Masood also lived in Birmingham.

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