Student (22) sells virginity at auction

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Amsterdam – The Brazilian student Danielle Breene her virginity public auction.

Danielle Breen is her virginity sold by auction

The 22-year-old, who is describes as ’shy’, wants to make a million retrieve.

“I have never had a date before, and I’m very shy. I hope that the winner is a friendly and polite person, a gentleman,” she tells the Daily Mail. “Well, I’m a little anxious, and nervous about how it will all feel, this is my first time.”

The appearance of the final winner may not care much about that, as she writes on her website, but how they behave. “I admire the respectful and intelligent men with a good sense of humor. Men who worry for a woman, compliments to give, and know what they want.”

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Of the money she wants to buy a house in which they with his mother and little sister can start to live. Also she wants to studieschuld to make payments and own business start up.

Until now, on her site, which is 250,000 euros. On THE day the student a bodyguard to take to protect her.

Her family know nothing at all, but Danielle trusted the secret to her best friend.

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