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Sébastien Bedoret makes world CHAMPIONSHIP debut in Rally of Germany, Neuville start as a leader

6113386d25ad7559562cb94170cfc12e - Sébastien Bedoret makes world CHAMPIONSHIP debut in Rally of Germany, Neuville start as a leader

Sébastien Bedoret, and are corijder Thomas Walbrecq (Skoda Fabia R5) debut Thursday night in Germany in the world cup rally. A next step in the career of the official Skoda Belgium driver and protégé of Freddy Loix.

2018 is for Bedoret a year not soon to be forgotten. In the spring he changed his private Peugeot 208 T16 for the official Skoda Fabia R5. In the Sezoensrally, he finished clever as the second, and Thursday he gets a great birthday present. On his 23rd debut in a world CHAMPIONSHIP rally.

“It is the most beautiful gift that I can imagine. Not that this holiday is! I look to this race. Especially since I since Ypres not have driven we for the shakedown of the rally also, no session will be complete. So, We will carefully depart, and try a good rhythm to keep up with inachtnaming of a certain margin of safety. The first goal is to finish the race to get. Although we in 2017 a few races out of the European Juniorkampioenschap have finished, is this something completely different than any rally we previously have finished.”

Just as during the Belgian races will be Freddy Loix, of course, also this weekend on the spot to his pupils by word and deed. Although his own last participation at the Deutschlandrally dates back to 2004, his experience in competitions abroad can be extremely useful for the young duo.

“I think that one of the crucial elements in taking the notes. And I am convinced that they are already during the explorations of a lot of will to learn! Although, she already matches abroad have finished, this is for them a step into the unknown. And that is certainly the case, because with the KP’s in the vineyards and on the military bases has this rally quite a few different profiles. On the other hand, Belgian rallyrijders is still at home felt in the Rally of Germany. The most important thing for them is the experience and to try at the end to get. They will find themselves with a lot of more experienced riders can measure, this is not an easy task. In result we have no single goal. So just need to learn as much as possible”, concludes Freddy Loix.

In addition to Thierry Neuville and Bedoret there are also other Belgian at the start. The Greek Serdiridis, assisted by the Belgian corijder Frederic Have, start with a Ford Fiesta WRC of M-Sport.

Leader Neuville in his backyard

In the world CHAMPIONSHIP standings has Thierry Neuville (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC) 21-point lead over rival and first pursuer Sébastien Ogier (Ford Fiesta WRC). Both riders won this year already three rallies.

After four gravel rallies to get the riders a fully paved trail for the wheels pushed. The rally Germany is a tough game, and consists of three types of circuit in one rally. On Friday, there are the klassementsritten between the vineyards. On Saturdays there is usually ridden on a military base where the look for the infamous concrete kerbstones and the hidden concrete culverts. Finally, there are still the beautiful klassementsritten in open landscapes driven on ordinary roads.

The rallyfans in Germany may prepare themselves for a new battle between Neuville, Ogier and Tänak (Toyota Yaris WRC). The Est won the previous edition of the rally of Germany. Earlier this season he won in Argentina, and Finland.

The rally of Germany is a rather young world CHAMPIONSHIP rally for the first time in 2002 on the calendar. With the exception of 2009, the rally of Germany is always on the world CHAMPIONSHIP calendar. Citroën is a major slokop. Of the vijftie driven rally won the French brand, eleven. Sébastien Loeb won the rally nine times, including eight times in a row, with four different type of cars. Sébastien Ogier won the rally three times, one time with Citroën and two times with VW. Dani Sordo won in his long career, one race, the rally of Germany in 2013. One year later, he won, Thierry Neuville made his first world CHAMPIONSHIP rally on the banks of the river Mosel.

The rally of Germany is spread over four match days. On Thursday there will be a superspecial held in Sankt Wendel. On Friday, there are six klassementsritten driven. The focus of the rally is on Saturday, when there are eight klassementsritten be finished, including the double passage of the 38,57 km on the Panzerplatte. On the final day, there are still three stages ridden including the traditional powerstage. In total, the participants 325,76 competitive kilometers for the wheels pushed spread over four days and eighteen stages.

“After four consecutive gravelrally’s I look forward to again on asphalt to drive”, says Thierry Neuville. “The rally Germany is a fantastic rally. It is my home race and because the rallycentrum close to the Belgian border is, there will be a lot of Belgian rallyfans are present. I experienced some nice moments such as my first victory in 2014, but there were also difficult moments. After my frustrating rally Finland, I’m ready to front again to fight.”

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