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Roger Ver is planning to ICO for

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The Investor Roger Ver, who heads for four years, the website that, in a recent Video, his plans for the future. And be a senior developer, Corbin Fraser, after considering an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for . They wanted to expand the website to the topic of Online games such as crypto kitties.

The 39-year-old Roger Ver is regarded in the Community as a quite controversial figure. On his Twitter Account, he makes almost no opportunity to fulminate against the Bitcoin to stir the advertising drum for “his” Bitcoin to Cash. In April 2014 Ver took control of the popular website that is currently generating on a monthly basis over 9 million page accesses. In February there were still more than twice as many.

The Video is actually about so that developers can in the future spend their own tokens on the Bitcoin-to-Cash-Blockchain. Chief developer Fraser speculates that this is likely to differ – and also a lot of inferior ICOs and Online games such as crypto kitties could migrate to Bitcoin Cash. Ver counters, this would probably also to his Portal because you think there is currently a private ICO, to help the website expand the category of Online games. Maybe you’ll spend a Token and part of the revenue as a dividend to pay off. Maybe they’ll buy a certain share on the open market. The details was not announced. time for the ICO chosen at random?

The time of the announcement it has chosen, apparently at random. The Chinese Mining manufacturers, Bitmain recently announced its plans for its own Initial Public Offering (IPO). It is believed that the money collection by the IPO to cover the losses caused by the sharp fall of the Bitcoin Cash. Bitmain sold in 2017, the largest part of his Bitcoin Wallets to purchase of Bitcoin Cash. The rate fell from December of the previous year, virtually to the Ground. From the rates high of over 3,000 US dollars is not much left. Currently, the BCH is moving at about 430 U.S. dollars. Samson Mow of the block stream is estimated that Bitmain had to contend with in the last three months, therefore, a loss of half a billion US dollars. With the IPO wants to get Bitmain apparently fresh capital. The supposedly randomly surfaced E-Mail from internal sources, however, said another, because much more positive language.

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