‘Road had to bridge maintenance, but did not do that’

The Italian Transport minister Danilo Toninelli require the resignation of the management of the company that the collapsed bridge in Genoa is managed. Also, deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio from criticism.

The Italian minister of Transport knows the disaster soon to a lack of maintenance and investments, where his predecessors – he is himself only since June – are guilty of. “If people have made mistakes, will the people responsible be punished,” he said yesterday.

Today, he requires the resignation of the management of Autostrade per l’italia, the company that this piece of highway at Genoa manages. Salvini brings later in the day, a visit to the Northern Italian city.


Also the deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio points to the responsibility of the administrator. “They told that the bridge was safe and that we don’t have to be concerned that they would collapse. Highway and the bridge had to be maintained, but did not. The company requires the highest tolls in Europe and pay little taxes, also in Luxembourg.’

The boss of the company connect to a lack of maintenance rigorous. He told news agency ANSA that the bridge is constantly good in the holes is held, often maintenance has been given and the reinforced concrete of it at the beginning of last year is examined. ‘We have found nothing that pointed out that this was about to happen. The bridge was not dangerous.’

Research should reveal what the cause of the collapse was. Engineer Brencich was looking for that yesterday in the structural vulnerability of the bridge, which was designed by Riccardo Morandi, and in 1967 was completed. “It is evident that the cause lies in the structural weakness of the bridge.’

In the drama, are now already 38 deaths counted.

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