Residents under the bridge Genoa’t go home

f35ba58682300bf0f73f9dae483f8ffb - Residents under the bridge Genoa't go home

GENOA – The more than three hundred families who, after the collapse of the bridge in Genoa have been evacuated, can not go home. Also the search and rescue of the fire brigade have their work suspended in a crackling pylon of the destroyed bridge. That also seems to go go.

The mayor of the city, Marco Bucci, has already announced that the threatened houses are demolished should be, just as the remnants of the bridge. A pylon and a motorway section of about 200 metres long, collapsed Tuesday during severe weather events. Around forty people are to the life to come because they their car or truck dozens of meters, fell to the ground. Of the sixteen injured in hospitals, there are twelve badly injured.

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