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Real Madrid cup-in renewals: Atlético takes European super cup after thrilling race

817c35d814c546e3272359624af3554f - Real Madrid cup-in renewals: Atlético takes European super cup after thrilling race

Real Madrid has not succeeded in his first official match under brand new coach Julen Lopetegui to win. In the battle for the European Supercup had in the Estonian Tallinn beaten by city rival Atlético. However, it seemed Real in the regular time on the way to the victory, after a penalty kick goal from Sergio Ramos, but Diego Costa made still for renewals. Therein took Saul Niguez and Koke the trigger: 2-4. In goal at Real Madrid, was Keylor Navas, Thibaut Courtois was still not in the selection.

He was present in Tallinn, our national number one. But Thibaut Courtois saw his new team mates to work from the grandstand. In goal stood so still, the Costa Rican Keylor Navas, on the debut of Courtois is still a week to wait. Who also not to the kick-off, it was world cup finalist and Golden Ball, Luka Modric. The Croat – who are linked to Inter – began on the bench. At Half-put Diego Simeone newcomer Thomas Lemar kick-off. Front charged the Spaniard, who is suspended from the stands was watching, Antoine Griezmann and Diego Costa.

The start of Atlético was terrifying. Costa won on a long ball in the air duel of Ramos, remained in possession of the ball and went around Raphael is looking forward to. From a sharp angle, seemed to score almost impossible, but Navas went too fast flat and Costa pegelde the opening goal after just 49 seconds into the goal: 0-1 and a droomstart for Los Colchoneros. Navas and his defense went not unpunished.

Real Madrid licked his wounds, and moisture is gradually in the contest. In the battle between Ramos and Costa went the meanwhile. After a elbow, of the first took the attacker out with a vicious tap on his direct opponent. With the half-an-hour in sight was Real then what it was looking for. Gareth Bale put sharp for from the right, Benzema popped up perfectly in the back of his own and devoured Oblak tegenvoets with the head: 1-1. Real crowds, but scoring didn’t more for the rest. Asensio was the closest, but placed the ball just next to it.

After the break we got a feisty first quarter, it was a battle on the sharp of the cut between the two Metro clubs. It was, however, until after the hours of waiting for a first opportunity, but then went to the ball suddenly, on the dot. On a corner kick from Toni Duckweed went Juanfran unhappy with his hand to the ball. A deserved penalty kick and Sergio Ramos finished cold-blooded the job. The defender sent Oblak to the wrong corner and made it 2-1. Real Madrid seemed to be on the road to a first trophy under Lopetegui.

Again Costa

Under the impetus of the sunken Modric seemed Real the match under control, Oblak had good take down an attempt by Benzema. But with Atlético, you’re never ready and Real got that again in the ears knotted. Marcelo gave ten minutes for the ball unhappy to Juanfran, who Correa aanspeelde. Who got the leather to Costa and the striker scored from close-his second of the evening: 2-2 and on to renewals.

In that extensions steams Atlético. The Galacticos looked like the broken spring and Los Colchoneros immediately over their city rivals. After fumbling in the defence at Real, between looking forward and Ramos should substitute Partey crossing. Saúl was in the right place, picked up the ball, great on the shoe and pegelde the 2-3 in the square.

Now it was Real at all for the effort and a few minutes later, if the books completely. After a smooth attack, Koke a cross from Vitolo with inside the right spot: 2-4, and the fans of Atlético were the party all bets. In the second extension tried Real Madrid, Modric put Oblak to work. Atlético gave the victory, however, not more hands. It has his first trophy of the season and wins for the third time the European Supercup. Real Madrid has in the era after Zidane and Ronaldo still a lot of work ahead of us.

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