President of Iran keeps door ajar for US

b3024408c4d70389e65f982e5f67bb21 - President of Iran keeps door ajar for US

TEHRAN – Iranian president Hassan Rohani is to say open to talks with the United States, but that they must first “build bridges” to restore contact.

Hassan Rohani.

Rohani said that good relations with Washington, but the Americans who have to be truncated. The American president, Trump has turned away from the international agreement from 2015 that the lingering conflicts about the alleged plans of Iran nuclear weapons were resolved.

Trump has been said to always be prepared with the Iranian leadership in this dialogue. The spiritual leader of the shiite Iran, and in fact, the man who has the last word, the ayatollah Khamenei, has explicitly said that there are no calls with Washington. Rohani seems not to be taken literally. Next month is the annual General Assembly of the United Nations. American and Iranian ocials would then in New York can take.

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