Premier Italy: administrator, bridge, responsible

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ROME – The administrator of the Italian A10 motorway along the crucial bridge in Genoa collapsed, is responsible for the disaster. This said, the Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte.

The Italian prime minister Conte keeps the administrator from motorway A10, through which the crucial bridge in Genoa collapsed, responsible for the disaster.

According to him, there is no doubt about that, because that responsibility is stipulated in the agreements, which the company Autostrade per l’italia motorways operates. Conte wants, therefore, according to Italian media did not wait for an investigation into the disaster, Morandi bridge, but quickly take action against Autostrade d’Italia. According to his ministers of Interior Affairs and of Traffic is the concession granted to Autostrade d’Italia withdrawn.

Autosnelwegbeheerder Autostrade d’Italia is part of the infrastructuurconcern Atlantia. That is dominated by the family of entrepreneurs Benetton. Their fashion company stepped twenty years ago, also in the operation of motorways in Italy in 1999, private enterprises were imposed.

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