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Microsoft: Trusted Execution Environment for block chain applications

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The company Microsoft has filed two patents on the use of a Trusted Execution Environment in the context of the Blockchain projects. This will help to provide a safe environment for planned Blockchain applications. So the Blockchain could be initiatives of the technology group continued.

The term Trusted Execution Environment commonly abbreviated as TEA, is a platform that provides for a secure execution of applications. This provides a trusted run-time environment. TEA can exist both on the processor of a computer, as well as on a separate processor.

TEA solutions for Blockchain Nodes

Such a TEA would now like to provide to Microsoft in connection with a Blockchain project on the legs. According to two patents, which the group submitted and Recently published. The patents also shows that you want to interpret the technology, specifically designed for block chains and similar security-focused technologies.

In the first Patent it comes to the development of a consortium-Blockchain network. In one of the above-mentioned use cases first, a Blockchain is placed Node as a node point. A pre-defined Blockchain is stored, together with a list of members in a TEA of the Node. Both elements are in agreement, to create a TEA certification. With this you can connect the Node with other Nodes in the consortium.

The second Patent filed describes the transaction processing consortium-Blockchain networks. In the above example, a pre-defined Blockchain is stored in a TEA of the processor. With the TEA-certification it is determined whether it is in the Blockchain really is to the required type. Then a transaction can be carried out and received. Thereafter, the Status of the transaction can be passed directly to the consortium network.

Microsoft and the Blokchain technology

The technology group, the Blockchain is definitely not an Unknown. Thus, Microsoft works closely with the DLT-company R3 and has toothed, among other things, the platform Corda with the Microsoft Azure Cloud service. In addition, Microsoft made in June, when it took over the Open Source platform GitHub, among other things, is a lot of source code of large Blockchain projects.

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