Marleentje from Lili & Marleen gives guided tours in Antwerp chapel

Helena Van Loon, Marleen played in the VTM-series of Lili and Marleen, today, guided tours of the Sint-Annakapel in the Antwerp Keizersstraat. “I live near here and was the chapel already some times passed,” she says in the Story. “When the door again was open, I stepped into because I was intrigued. Years later I returned during a service. That’s when I knew that I was here as a volunteer wanted to go. That is almost seven years ago. I assist the curator Jean-Pierre De Bruyn in the conservation and management of the chapel, give tours, cleaning, and organizing. All of my free time I spend here. I’ve already learned so much and am very grateful that I my bit to contribute. Especially the stories behind the works of art captivate me, that I bring love to the visitors. I still feel like an actress and what I do here, is also a form of entertainment for an audience. My training stands me in here.”

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