Many artists Benefit Tytgat Kids

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The past few years, he got hard in the Weststraat in Ingelmunster in the family Tytgat. The 11-year-old Yaron has a slight mental and motor disability after he during the birth some of the thrombosis got. He loves even the most severe form of cerebral palsy. His sister Yarah 7 has Down syndrome and on top of that, the girl has another heart problems. Older brother Yarmo (12) is struggling since his eighth with depression and has, therefore, also anorexia developed.
Because of all these problems was father Gino also heart problems. This man is 66 % disabled and can not work anymore. Mother Nathalie said on The News that she as a housewife for everyone ensures, to the extent possible. Unfortunately, all this financial worries for this family.

David Galle and Jurne Verstraete jump into the breach for the family Tytgat. To also brother Yaric of 6 a heart under the belt to sting, is this great benefit concert with many artists on its feet.
Four artists take the symbolic metres – and sponsorship of these children. Filip D haeze, Mario Franco, Eveline Cannoot and Trisha will not only occur on both days.
During that weekend there are o.a. also performances by Garry Hagger, Bandit, Steve Tielens, Frank Valentino, Jennifer Berton, Lisa Leman, De Pitaboys, Tamara & Tom and many other artists.

For tickets and info you can contact on phone numbers 0479/25.33.00, 0485/28.47.77, via email at or by browsing to the Facebook page ‘Charity Tytgat Kids’.
A weekendkaart costs € 60. Day tickets cost € 15 in advance. If there are still tickets, you pay at the door for € 20. Food and show together costs € 35 for one day.

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