Locals advise tourists of the balcony to jump

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Barcelona – action Groups who hate the mass tourism in Barcelona will encourage visitors to the balcony to jump.

Barcelonese ’humour’ in the direction of tourists.

With cynical messages they want to ask attention for hjet fact that the city for them onbegaabaar has become. They now move to the battle with the slogan #BalconingIsFun (from the balcony jump is fun).

So propel them to the spot with the tourists on Mallorca, Ibiza and the Costa’s of the balcony jump. By that waaghalzerij came this year, seven young people to live the life. And if the Catalans is located, track visitors to their beautiful city of the same example.

The action seems especially fun intended. On twitter get the little imitation. Waaschijnlijk because the inhabitants know that Barcelona pretty much lives from tourism.

The Spaniards bales, especially the misconduct of the noisy English. There were tourist buses attacked, the tyres of the bicycle rental lekgestoken and via graffiti-texts made it clear that the visitors should opzouten.

Previously appeared all the message ‘Tourist go home’ in the Spanish streets, but the current slogan is much grimmer. In addition, according to the authors, some ‘extra benefits’ associated with the balconing. “Dear tourist, balconing is very nice. In addition, it reduces the chance of heart failure and improves the quality of life of the neighbors.”

Social media is also quite a contrast given. “Balconing is NOT fun. It is as much fun as someone who is in the traffic dies to call or someone who dies of lung cancer after smoking cigarettes.”

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