Karen Damen: ‘then I have no longer friends’

23b0fe60f9917c940e2a924dd4a7055c - Karen Damen: 'then I have no longer friends'

Karen Damen was a Tuesday night guest at the summer program “The zomert” by Bruno Wyndaele. Together with Karen faded Bruno the beautiful life of the former K3 singer. That was during the program, several dilemmas are presented and which were not always easy. “K3 or FOUR?” asked Bruno Wyndaele. Karen chose resolutely for FOUR for which they programs. “It’s been lovely”, responds Karen. Even when the presenter asks whether it is also not in the framework of the nostalgia-tour would happen is Karen sure of her piece: “I think it’s a bit hilarious but you have to pass within 20 years,” says Karen. Actually, there is in all the silence agreed that the previous K3 will never occur and we dare to suspect that there is not soon a change will come. For each of the K3-sheets of the chapter K3 is permanently closed, it’s been lovely. However, all of the four K3-tjes beautiful memories of the period that it is in the group were.
For dilemma 2 “Antony or Sky?” must be Karen, not even a fraction of a second to think. She’s immediately the name of Sky, but they shoot straight in the smile. “Wow, that was fast. I think Antony also immediately Sky would have said. If the Antony wasn’t there anymore, because I get to do about I think. Is that weird? No, I think your guy lose, that you might ever been touched”, Karen goes further. “Maybe you should make this cut”, continues Karen.

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