Image of ’elegant’ bridge Genoa shows dangling cables

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GENOA – Who looks at recent photos of the rampbrug in Genoa will instantly see the Morandi is not in the best condition. On Twitter, a photo surfaced which show that there are even cables loshingen.

A large part of the Morandi bridge collapsed Tuesday in; dozens of people were killed.

It was raining Tuesday hard and the lightning struck, according to eyewitnesses. The actual cause of the disaster, according to the Italian minister of Transport, Danilo Toninelli, however, for overdue maintenance. The many and costly maintenance that the building for many years demanded was already the subject of debate.


The bridge was built between 1963 and 1967, built. The architect Riccardo Morandi, felt it was important that the bridge is elegant. Thus it was chosen for as little as possible steunkabels. He chose betonkabels and not for the steel cables that are stronger and less prone to corrosion.

According to the head of the service wegbeheer however, there was no reason to use the bridge as dangerous to consider. The collapse came “unexpectedly and unpredictably.” “The bridge was continuously monitored, even more than the law prescribes.”

The minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini said that all the culprits will be punished: “They will have to pay, pay for everything, and a lot of pay.”

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