Illinois sues Trump tower

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The Us state of Illinois, suing the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago for violations of the environmental legislation. According to the Trump organization is the process of ‘politically motivated’.

“The Trump tower remains every day millions of gallons of water from the Chicago River without permission and without taking into account the impact on the ecosystem of the river,” says attorney general Lisa Madigan. “I am a process began to ensure that the Trump tower, the law can not continue to violate.’

The attorney-general says that the building, which is on the Chicago river, every day more than ninety million liters of water pumping from the river for the cooling and ventilation systems, without the necessary permits. In addition, the hotel would be the heated water every day into the river let it flow back, although the authorization in August of last year expired.

Madigan, a Democrat, also says that the Trump organisation not have the necessary studies carried out to assess the impact of water use on the environment. The koelstructuren large quantities of fish to harvest. The fish and other marine life can get stuck in the toevoeropeningen, says in court documents.

In a statement to the Chicago Tribune says the Trump organisation that it is ” disappointed that the attorney-general of Illinois, this process is started, as such things normally at the administrative level to be treated’. “You can not else than conclude that this decision is politically motivated.”

Since Donald Trump president, Donald Trump Jr. (40) and his brother, Eric (34), which the Trump organization.

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