Husband Lesley-Ann Poppe underwent eye surgery

ef2650e5596af6b81d53d1ae778d886f - Husband Lesley-Ann Poppe underwent eye surgery

The husband of Lesley-Ann Poppe, Kevin Lebreton underwent an eye surgery we read in TV Family. Reportedly sees Kevin all his life poor and was the clock reading without glasses, not even self-evident. First time he saw the intervention was not feasible, because it is without general anesthesia.

The operation was a success, because immediately when he opened his eyes after the procedure saw Kevin already a big difference. This operation was, according to Lesley-Ann really needed, because his deviation min 4,5. By wearing contact lenses he had many suffer from dry, swollen or red eyes. Lesley-Ann underwent earlier, such a procedure and, therefore, she could her husband at ease.

(Nico Vanaken)

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