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Hamilton: “Next year I’m a different athlete, I will be heavier”

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Four-time world champion Lewis Hamilton will be next year, say if another athlete at the start of the F1 season.

Next season, we can perhaps expect a slightly heavier Lewis Hamilton. According to the new regulations, the rules assume that a rider and eighty kilograms weighs while now, the weight is taken into account in the total weight of the car.

That way, they want to disadvantage where the slightly larger and heavier riders now face. Partly due to that reason, switched to Hamilton last year to a vegan diet at the end of last season.

By those new rules about the weight of the riders, we will be next year so probably a firmer Hamilton see in 2019.

Weight of F1 pilots
To the weight of the lighter riders to compensate the teams will ballast in the car to places in the vicinity of the seat of the rider. At this moment the teams with pluimgewichten as riders their ballast lower in the car and that contributes to a better balance of the car. A lighter rider means for the teams so extra weight on the higher position in the car what a worse balance sheet.

“I would, next year, another athlete, I look forward to it,” said Hamilton. “That is not to say that I have my healthy eating habits will abjure eat, I just like to be good.”

“My comfortable weight is slightly heavier than my current weight. Each year it is for me, and I think especially the larger boys, a battle to be slimmer and lighter and that is unhealthy.”

“I look forward to more to eat”
“The rules are going to change and I think that’s fine. I look forward to eat more, so I can next year, a little heavier and stronger. I do want to still fast, sharp and attentive, usually if you have a bit heavier and more muscled are does not mean that you faster.”

“And the higher the weight the higher the center of gravity. That, I would of course also does not increase.”

Last month called Hamilton himself “a bit too chubby for my taste” during a bike tour. That was the result of more openness and of the fact that everybody must be aware of.

“That shows to me that, especially on the social media and it is a worldwide problem, that we have a certain idea of people who are in the spotlight. That is the consequence of the fact that they always use a filter, we can’t see who the people really are.”

Lewis Hamilton is uncertain
“Sometimes I wake up and I also have my insecurities. I have a six pack but I think it’s not good enough.”

“There are certain things I’m unsure about ben, and I am sure that anyone that has, just like all those perfect people on social media,” concludes Hamilton.

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