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Germany has an interest in the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2022

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Germany has an interest in the organization of the multisport european CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2022. Berlin wants them, Hamburg she wants, but also the state of North rhine-Westphalia. That would for them be a test for a candidacy for the Olympic Games of 2032.

The mini-Olympics were, wanted no one using that term. Seven sports together over the past two weeks in Glasgow and Berlin for the athletics) for their European championships. The goal was simple: attract more attention of the public and the media than if each EK separately at a different time in a different city or a different country would be organized.

The project seems to be a success, and is looking forward to a host city for about four years. The choice is at the beginning of next year.

Broad interest there is already in Germany, including in Berlin and Hamburg. State of North rhine-Westphalia, which borders Belgium, has let us know the event well want. Spread over a number of cities.

“The fascination in a single city seems to me to be the greatest,” said Clemens Prokop, president of the organising committee of the past european CHAMPIONSHIPS of athletics in Berlin in a few German newspapers. ‘Berlin needs to stand as a candidate.’

That is Hamburg. The local minister of Sport, Christoph Holstein, called for all to do so. The ‘Hamburger Abendblatt’ that’s a good idea. “Hamburg had the best concept for the Olympic Games of 2024’, it is called there. It was only that candidacy is just allowed to creep in by a referendum of the people.

‘Glasgow has a fourth surface and a third of the residents of Hamburg, ” writes commentator Björn Jensen in the newspaper. And yet it was no problem to get everything smooth. So Hamburg certainly, and in addition: it does not cost money. There should be no new stadiums are built, at best, should existing infrastructure be refreshed. This is any how nearly 400 million. ‘The organisation of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS may be that investment is more targeted,’ called it even.

There is also yet another denkspoor: to the EK’s to be spread over a number of cities. He thinks that North rhine-Westphalia, that the organization would be spread over a number of cities. The German state is in the mind with a candidacy for the Olympic Games of 2032, after Paris (2024) and Los Angeles (2028).

That plan consists, the sports are already spread over thirteen cities. The european CHAMPIONSHIPS would be a good test case. But the question is, which sports over four years will be, and what role that will play in the interest of those who are now thinking about a candidacy. Including hockey, beach volleyball and boxing would be interested. Handball and basketball, sports that the tv would like to, have less interest to participate in the project.

Also, the whole initiative is not to scale. ‘Otherwise we are going to candidate cities, more’, warned co-creator Marc Jörg al.

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