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Gent cross European ambition not go away: “Qualification Thursday is a must, group stage get a goal”

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Thanks to a late goal from substitute Jonathan David assured AA Gent last week to be a good starting point to Thursday’s second leg in the third qualifying round of the Europa League against Polish vice-champion Jagiellonia Bialystok. With the exception of Dylan Bronn and Giorgi Kvilitaia is everyone fit for the Buffalo’s. Yves Vanderhaeghe has positive selectieproblemen. “The qualification to enforce is a must, the group stage of the Europa League get a goal,” says Vanderhaeghe.

KAA Gent

16/08 20:30

Heenwedstrijd 1-0

Jagiellonia Bialystok

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“We have past week in Poland, a good thing done with the 0-1”, crossed the Ghent-coach of shore. “It was a fun, but long trip. We have Sunday is our first victory in the Jupiler Pro League booked, so we are in optimal shape for our next European adventure attract. You can see that both cases have a positive impact on our player base. We are the good direction and should continue to do. It is a must to us to qualify for the play-offronde. Afterwards, is open-minded.”

Vanderhaeghe scribbled then back a bit, and stressed that the task will be against Jagiellonia Bialystok is still far from done. “We allowed them definitely not to be underestimated. We are not there yet. Jagiellonia Bialystok is not an attacking team, but remains still very much organized football. They continue to wait for the right moment to strike. We have to be alert on are. We have the advantage that we have a goal for. Over there we played very good in block. It is up to them to come. We want our audience is still something to enjoy themselves, as we have Saturday already did with those four goals. But there is only one thing that counts at this stage and that is the qualification to enforce. We must not be blind in the attack to withdraw. That can cause our acid breaking up. But that will not be the case. I can rely on a quasi full core. Our blessurelast is almost solved. Bronn and Kvilitaia train already partly join the group and maybe next week to play along with the promises. In this perspective, it is also good.”

Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe: “but 65 percent of my ideal condition”

Born Gentenaar Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe plays again at the club where for him at the jeugdreeksen all began. The 29-year-old midfielder comes in Ghent, however, not uitbollen. On the contrary. He wants to recreate his best form ever transcend and is very ambitious. Odjidja-Ofoe has a conditional backlog after it comes from the Greek Olympiacos.

“I am sitting at about 65 percent of my ideal condition”, opened Odjidja-Ofoe. “I try to be as fast as possible, physically in excellent shape. The match to follow himself in a hurry so I have plenty of opportunity to get it.”

In Poland, was the number 8 of Ghent constant uitgefloten by the hometown audience because they him still knew from his time at Legia Warsaw. “In Poland I played two matches against Jagiellonia Bialystok”, continued the midfielder. “In the first match, I scored and gave two assists. When were their fans, of course, already not happy. In the second leg, I picked up a red card. My team, Legia Warsaw, played that season champion. That is why they are me know.”

The midfielder gave earlier in his career in Gent wanting to play. That is now a fact. “I have a feeling that this is my peak can reach as a player,” said Odjidja-Ofoe. “I feel at home in Ghent, was born here also. Unfortunately, I still need some time to condition in order to get. I had other offers, but I chose Gent because I immediately would be suitable and also the emotional aspect played along. I also wanted to play football at a stable club, AA Gent. And European football is also important. With Ghent, we want to be as far as possible to attain. First, we need to be in the group stage to get to. Bit by bit, but actually would Jagiellonia Bialystok us no problem may cause. The qualification must be possible, especially with the quality within our team is.”

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