Furious reactions after the release of ‘terrorists’ in “horror complex”

TAOS – The conditional release of a group of muslims that is suspected to have children prepared to attack, in the U.s. state of New Mexico led to great commotion. The court that the defendants on bail, allowed to leave, received a stream of death threats and criticism to endure.

The neglected children lived in an isolated, increasingly rundown camp with five adults.

The five were arrested after authorities eleven neglected children were found in New Mexico. They lived there in an isolated, increasingly rundown camp with five adults. When the complex turned out to be a young child to be buried. He would have died during a ritual to demonic spirits to drive”.

The court concluded that plaintiffs inadequately were able to prove that the suspects indeed sinister had plans. They were, therefore, not to be detained pending trial. The defendants must, however, anklets contribute.

The decision of judge Sarah Backus led to furious reactions on Twitter. Also received hundreds of angry phone calls and e-mails within. Most critics blamed Backus ,,to sympathize with islamic terrorists”, said a spokesman of the court. That building eventually had to be closed due to threats.

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